Good-Win Racing Street Single Exhaust Review

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Good-Win Racing Street Single Exhaust Review

Postby RobbieR951 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:57 am

I got the Good-Win Racing Street Single exhaust installed last week and I'm very happy with it. I was actually surprised by how quiet it was as I was expecting "barely streetable" exhaust but it is very tame by my standards anyway.

Build quality is excellent. Very nicely polished stainless.

The price for this exhaust is very reasonable and I consider it a value purchase.

That stock exhaust is a freakin' monster but it came out easily by lubing up the hangers and using a breaker bar as a pry bar to push the hangers off the stock supports.

Install was super easy--stick the two supports in the stock rubber hangers--again easy with lube. Position the exhaust to square up the exhaust and tubing flanges and two bolts. It is a good idea to re-torque the bolts after an hour or so on the new exhaust.

I really like how Good-Win was smart enough to put the can on the passenger side of the car to help balance it. Removing 15lbs from the absolute tail of the car also helps the car's handling by reducing the polar moment.

The exhaust tone is excellent with a nice deep rumble at idle and more of everything at upper rpm but it's not annoying at all. If this thing had a volume control I'd turn it up a little (I'm coming from an S2000 race car).

There is no drone at all.

Two thumbs way up for the Street Single exhaust.

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