Big Brake Advice for ND

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Big Brake Advice for ND

Postby avera01 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:55 am

Looking for advice to upgrade the front brakes for primarily for street use and occasional mountain roads. I am trying to determine if the upgrading to a 4 or 6 piston caliper is worth the upgrade based on the below criteria:

1) Noise: I am aware that the Wilwood brakes are "racing brakes" and probably will be a bit nosier than stock (non-Brembo). The stock calipers are quiet and I don't expect much in terms of "rattle"; I don't know how the Brembo fair in that regard.

2) Maintenance and Appearance: The stock caliper are fairly easy to maintain, but I do not like the "cheap" appearance of the stock calipers and painting the front ones does not change that. Most likely will paint the rear as the issue with the emergency brake is a concern for me.

3) Performance: I welcome better braking performance especially for the few times I plan on driving in the mountains.

So what should I expect from the upgrade (what is the compromise, if any?

As always, any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Big Brake Advice for ND

Postby Brian » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:10 am

Perhaps spend time in the threads of customers to get their impressions, like Mark Booth's thread at thread (link here).

I prefer the feel of the 6 piston, but I race the car. Around town the difference in feel between 4 and 6 is not something most will notice. When pads are almost worn out you might notice they 'click' into place when you hit the brake pedal, some notice and some do not (reason is no retaining springs like stock calipers which keep the pads aligned all the time). I have used racing calipers so long that I don't notice. That's about it.
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