Finished installing Roadster Sport Race on ND

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Finished installing Roadster Sport Race on ND

Postby awales74 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:33 pm

Just finished installing my Roadster Sport Race muffler. Total newb mechanic so it took me a bit.

But the results are absolute riot. It's quiet at idle and alley/drive way speeds. It's bold with your foot down. But not substantially more volume at high RPM. Fun sounds as you down shift.

Being a newb -- got some newb questions.

1 - are there torque specs on the bolts to the mid pipe? They were pretty hard to take off so I put 'em on pretty hard. But I'm sure there's more science to it then that. I actually have a torque wrench -- love the chance to use it :)

2 - it seems like there were nuts on the back of the original muffler but they were welded on. these spring loaded bolts I think of as 3 parts -- bolt, spring, and nut. but there's no nut if its welded on to the original? It seems the plate on the race muffler is thicker -- does that make up for no bolt?

3 - do the rubber hanger thingies really work as well when used the second time. they seemed alot easier to put on than take off. I might have had everything pretty well lubed or I may have a better idea of what I was trying to do when putting them back on. Just seemed a little too easy.

4 - is there a break in period in terms of performance. i have a OFT tablet and I hear that I can send in data log of a 3rd gear pull but I should wait till I get my exhaust. So I have it, do I do the pull now or should I wait a while? In terms of sound should I expect changes as time goes on?

Appreciate the help and appreciate the muffler. Zoom Zoom.
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Re: Finished installing Roadster Sport Race on ND

Postby Brian » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:30 am

Glad you like it. Per the product description the torque is 30ft/lbs. Muffler flange is threaded, so you don't need the nut. Yes, rubber hangers are plenty good for many, many, changes. I have changed the muffler on my ND a few hundred times, still got the original rubber hangers. You are good to go on log and tune. Muffler sound will 'break-in' as the inside metal surfaces get coated with carbon and that will slightly mellow the sound.
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