LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

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Re: LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:11 pm

Just before the holidays hit I was deep in connecting hoses and wiring for the final time. Bit of a mess while sorting through what still needs to be figured out, needs to be tweaked, etc. but here's a quick snapshot of about where we are at the moment:


And, decided to spring for some trick fittings to go hand in hand with the quickly removable front end design, still waiting on parts to arrive but for now here's a teaser of the dry break fittings that will be going on the power steering lines:

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Re: LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:31 pm

Doing some napkin math for other fun places the car may fit in.

Looking at NASA, when you move above the complicated mess of the lettered classes on up to ST/TT 1, 2, 3 things get much simpler. With a good bit of power taking the tighter-regulated TT4 out of the question it gets even simpler. Basically take a dyno and weight baseline which then applies modifiers for certain mods and you end up with an adjusted power/weight ratio and that's that. Everyone racing in the class has the same adjusted ratio. Obviously this favors a wide torque curve, and this motor should be great for that.

TT2 cars have an adjusted wt/hp of 8.00:1 or more (up to 10.00:1 which is TT3)
2300 lbs with driver / 300 whp = 7.67:1
Relevant adjustments:
Comp weight over 2200, less than 2599 = -0.2
Tire size 245 or smaller (DOT approved) = +0.7 or Tire size 275 or smaller (DOT approved) = +0.3
Non-production vehicle = -0.4

A note on the non-production vehicle bit.. have to take that due to the tubular front subframe, but this comes with some benefits. First, I don't have to take the -0.2 for cutting the rocker for exhaust routing for production vehicles, so it's really only -0.2 more than if it was considered a production car. But more importantly, with it considered a non-production car there's no concern about the tubular/removable front nose being OK.

So, with adjustments, 7.77:1 with 245 tires or 7.37:1 with 275's

Ballasting up to 2375 lbs with 245 hoosiers puts me at an est. adjusted 8.01:1, right at the pointy end of TT2.

TT2 is full of Corvettes and Vipers... always love a challenge! :twisted:
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Re: LFX Engine Swap (GM V6) at GWR

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:19 pm

Continuing to wait on a few more parts to arrive, so I took some time to get some of the suspension bits assembled.

Pressed out all of the old polyurethane bushings and now installing for evaluation a spherical bearing kit for the factory control arms from a shop up in Canada.


Spherical bearings within the press-in sleeves:


I've run into a couple snags with some of the parts in the kit, shot some feedback to them to get those bits resolved instead of having to machine my own solutions, and hopefully we'll get things sorted out. Nevertheless, the majority of the kit is installed and ready to rock.

Also going into the arms are Bauer extended lower ball joints and V8Roadsters rebuildable front upper ball joints:


Finally, I'm replacing the rear upper arms with V8R's tubular Pro series arms. Feedback from Steve about what they've seen on other cars, the rear upper arms are the ones responsible for wheel hop and other funkiness when putting big power down as that factory arm twists with enough torque. The tubular arm solves this, and the pro series has spherical bearings to match the rest of my arms.

Oh, and in my recent powdercoating frenzy I had all the factory arms done.

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