Project MSM Rescue

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Re: Project MSM Rescue

Postby path914 » Fri Jul 16, 2021 11:29 am

Any updates?
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Re: Project MSM Rescue

Postby Greg @ GWR » Fri Jul 16, 2021 1:34 pm

Nothing exciting, just aggravating. The car is now owned by me, Greg. It's MSM #2. Had to swap the MAP sensor for the one out of my LO MSM to get it to drive like it should and so it would pass smog. The oil drain plug was stripped, so I had to put a helicoil in it. Not sure it's done the trick, because it isn't drivable at the moment. After getting it smogged I started driving it to work. Started having issues with it not going into gear. I replaced all the hydraulics at Rocky's and he helped me bleed it (he pumped the pedal). By the time I got it home it would not go into gear. Gonna try bleeding it again, but there's the possibility it needs a new clutch. Haven't had enough free time to bleed it again. So the LO got its MAP back and I drive it.
If I have to replace the clutch I'll be sure to add some pics of the job. Since this is still a 99% stock car (it has a CSF radiator, but no other mods) I'll probably go with an Exedy happy meal, the Stage 1 clutch and light flywheel combo. My wife wants to drive the car, so it's not going off the deep end...yet.
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