Will uprated seats absorb vibration?

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Will uprated seats absorb vibration?

Postby lucifuge » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:45 pm

Having addressed my NC's suspension, it is handling beautifully, particularly as a streetable car. Naturally, some comfort is sacrificed and this is to be expected. One specific issue I would like some advice on from those in the know, is how much vibration can be absorbed by a better quality seat? The NC seats, to me at least, are on the basic side and possibly quite thin and on rougher roads I feel a bit beaten up. Could a good quality seat, say a Sparco, absorb a significant amount of vibrations that would be kinder on the driver, or, would any improvement be negligible? It really is the only negative of the car and if I can improve this area I will be over the moon.

Please note I don't want to get into discussions relating to fitment, height issues, sidebags etc, just the question relating to "vibration absorption".

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Re: Will uprated seats absorb vibration?

Postby Brian » Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:53 pm

I think you would find the improvement "negligible". A higher end Sparco or similar does have much higher quality foam and fabric but at the same time the design and function of such seats is not really greater comfort, but less driver body movement, to aid high performance driving. Thus, since the seat bolsters are gripping you tighter, you are not likely to feel less of the car's motions.
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Re: Will uprated seats absorb vibration?

Postby RunningOnEmpty » Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:48 pm

Brian's point on 'looking to the intended function of the seat' is spot on. A racing seat is not going to focus on comfort. The original seat is perfect for me and I like how well the designer has come up with a seat that fits the philosophy and design of the car. With the intention of saving weight and making it pretty thin and light, it is easy to understand that any additional created rigidity of the car is going to really make noticeable how thin the seat really is.

On a lighter note, you could try squeezing in a comfy old, favourite lounge chair .. :shock:

But, seriously, the best bet would be to take your original seats to an upholsterer (or auto trimmer, or whatever you call them in the States), explain what you are trying to achieve, and let the expert match your original seat, your aspirations (and shape), and the other design constraints within your vehicle so as to produce something a little more comfy yet without creating any other modification issues.

Bonus is that it would still 'look factory' .. and you could even explore a leather colour change to something you prefer while you're at it (assuming you are starting with a leather seat, that is).
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