What suspension kit for street use?

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What suspension kit for street use?

Postby kacey » Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:05 pm

Hi all, greetings from Greece.

Having read most of the suspension topics, I now have a massive headache and not much in the form of a conclusion, so any suggestions would be very appreciated. The facts:

Local Roads:
Usually bad surfaced (slippery+potholes), few of them in an acceptable state.

Expected use:
Almost always "spirited" driving in and outside city :lol: , 90% in local/city roads or up and down some nearby mountain routes, a few holiday trips and scenic routes, almost none daily work commute (have other car and bike for that), and maybe I will do ONE trackday per year. I don't mind losing some comfort but our poorly surfaced roads won't tolerate any track suspension or anything like that.

Can't give you a number cause prices are so different over here, but let's keep it "reasonable", i.e. I am willing to spend some money for something that's worth it, but not waste any on a kit that won't see its proper use (if that makes any sense to you).

I would prefer a complete kit suggestion (i.e Koni X or Bilstein Y kit) so that shocks and springs are tested to work together, and I am not at all interested in anything stupidly adjustable cause I want to install and forget. As an example, Koni yellows are ok (with one knob adjusting firmness or whatever), but anything in the likes of a KW variant3 is wasted money cause I will never look into adjusting all that can be adjusted.

Finally please note that this is for a European 1.8 MX5 but from what I have researched (eg Bilstein and Eibach catalogues) their kits (so I am guessing anything else also) are the same for both cars.

Thank you all in advance.
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Re: What suspension kit for street use?

Postby Brian » Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:49 pm

Given your desire to have the springs matched to the shocks, and your road conditions, a mild coilover is likely your best choice. Perhaps our KW Variant one.....adjustable only for height and with the springs matched to the shocks.
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