suspension question

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suspension question

Postby Ian61 » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:47 pm

Hi Brian, I recently bought and NC which has the Eibach Pro-kit fitted. It has the factory shocks (not the bilsteins). I love the way it handles but on our crappy Australian roads the rear end crashes a bit over bumps. I also like the way the car looks sitting a bit lower. Anyhow the exchange rate is good right now so its time to buy some bits. My car is a daily driver and is really just for a bit of fun in the hills on the weekends. So my questions are: Would fitting the Tokico HTS shocks soften the ride? If not would I be better with the Progress Technologies springs and the Koni Sport shocks? Whichever way I go would I be better if I changed the bump stops and if so which ones would be best. Finally should I do the end links at the same time and which ones would suit. Sorry for the long list of questions but it makes sense for me to order all the gear at once giving shipping times.
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