FCM bump stops on Megan Coilovers

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FCM bump stops on Megan Coilovers

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So I went with the Megan EZ Street Coilovers because I didn't have the capital to get the more expensive (better valve damping) units available for my NA. The springs are 8/6 and pretty decent for the street but the ride was rather harsh due to the inadequate valve damping for the street (potholes and such). So I decided to give the FCM bump stops a chance. I originally wanted to swap out a whole FCM/NB top mount kit but the Megan's threads on the shock shaft are too short so I hope the bump stops would work..

Guess what... THEY DO!!! Took the car out on the same highway roads (So Cal) and WOW what a difference! I kept thinking.. how could only bump stops make such a difference!??

Now I can barely feel the expansion joints where as before it was jolting my fillings loose! Also over big bumps, the shock compresses fully one time and settles immediately where before it felt like someone kicked me in the bottom hard and then the car would wiggle a bit. Now I am going to try and use the FCM top mount bushings instead of the rubber Megan's which should help with noise, harness and wear. I am totally satisfied with my $64 investment with Fat Cat Motorsports! Shaikh was very helpful and responded to all of my emails promptly. Thanks Shaikh!

One note.. I do have a racing beat tubular sway bar up front and the Spring rate allows some serious cornering loads but I think the rear springs may be a bit soft for my cornering speeds as I can hear and feel the rear upper arm bouncing a bit on the frame when fully compressed in long, banked corners where the loads get heavy. I'm at 12.75.. IS THIS NORMAL?
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Re: FCM bump stops on Megan Coilovers

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That height is reasonable, about average for a lowered Miata.....should not have any contact issues in the rear with that height.
Brian Goodwin
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