need help with suspention upgrade

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need help with suspention upgrade

Postby dino » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:17 am

first of all i've searched the forum for answers but it even made me more confused, so please help me out.

I bought a month ago 2007 miata NC completley stock.
it's too soft for me so i decided to upgrade its handling, the problem is that the quality of the road in Israel (where i'm from) isn't good, for example guys here says that stiff coilovers r overkill cause the cars cant' stick to the road and jumps and move too much which reduce the confidence...
so i'm looking for shocks springs and sway bars to improve the stock handling and i'm not looking for the best money can buy (cause its too expensive lol)
i feel from the car, that its soft have to much body roll and have very bad rebound (stock springs, shocks and sway bars)
BTW- the rims r also stock and i don't plan on changing them.
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