Suspension Upgrade for 2002 NB

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Suspension Upgrade for 2002 NB

Post by Kevin2002 »

Brian, I am looking for a suspension upgrade recommendation for my 2002 Miata (Base with Suspension package/LSD) for use in C Stock autocross and some street use DD (~5000 miles/year) in Florida.

Current mods:
- original RoadsterSport muffler
- Hawk Ceramic pad front/HP Plus rear
- using 215/40/16 Kumho V710s on the OEM 16x6.5 wheels for autox; 205/50/15 RE-11s on the street

There is no all-in-one suspension package listed on your site for the 01-05 cars, but from the 99-00 package and browsing the suspension section of the website I assume your recommendation will be:
- Koni Sport shocks
- RB tubular FSB 1.25” with RB blocks and bolts
- FCM Bump Stops (I believe I need 58 mm Red/White but they do not appear to be stocked unless it is the same as the one listed for 06+ NCs)

Is that correct? Any other items?

Since I am using the stock springs/ride height, I do not need the Racing Beat Sway Bar End Links, correct?

Should I consider the 1.125” RB tubular FSB instead of the 1.25”?

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Re: Suspension Upgrade for 2002 NB

Post by Brian »

Hi Kevin

Yep, you got it all figured out already. I do indeed suggest

- Koni Sport shocks
- RB tubular FSB 1.25” with RB blocks and bolts
- FCM Bump Stops (58 mm Red/White, sold for NC and listed as C Stock Comp version at THIS LINK
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Re: Suspension Upgrade for 2002 NB

Post by Areddi »

I just ordered a set of FM bars for my 01'.

They are adjustable, and I wanted to get an opinion on where to set them. The rear bar has 3 holes, and the front bar has 2. The recommended settings are to go with the middle hole on the rear bar and the outermost hole on the front bar.

My question is: For street and autocross purposes, does this sound good? What would be the reason why I wouldn't set them as stiff as possible?
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