Im a big wheel dummy, help

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Im a big wheel dummy, help

Post by miatagohard »

Hey Brian..
After searching for a long time on the right look for my mx-5 I've think I've found the wheel. But im not sure if the offset + width will be a problem. Please give me you help... Im opposed to do any fender modifications!

The Wheel is Koko Kuture Marbella: 17"x7.5, 5X114.3 Bolt Pattern, +35 Offset, 67.1mm Hub.
Also I'm hoping to do a step up in thickness of the tires so i can get a little more softer ride. Would a bump up to 215 or 215/50/17 be a good option? Im partial to Cooper Zeons.
Commuter driving only.

I've been reading several sites and from what i understand (please correct me if im wrong) the lower offset most likely will be a problem for OUTER rather than inner since the wheel will be pushed out, right? Ok so that being the case if you have a small wheel well gap this will be problem as the tire can rub the outer fender and damage tire or fender.

I forgot to mention im riding on Progressing Springs and Koni yellows (put in this summer) that I purchased through Goodwin Racing. I checked today -> even with the modest drop i still have a 3 finger gap in my wheel well. I measured that to be about 2.25inches between top of the outer fender to the tire. With me in the car it MAYBE dropped 1/4 inch. So this being said isn't it doubtful for any rubbing or worries for the lower offset of +38?
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Re: Im a big wheel dummy, help

Post by Brian »

Sorry, can't recommend that offset for NC, dozens of threads here on what fits and what does not.... but to boil it down, for 215/45/17 we suggest 45-50mm. You don't want to go taller than that on the tire, and you don't want to push it out further.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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