NC with intermittent P0130 code.

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NC with intermittent P0130 code.

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I'm new to the forum here and I have an NC Miata. 2 years ago I had Gary of Track Dog Racing install a Racing Beat Header, Goodwin Mid-pipe and Racing Beat Muffler. After the install I randomly get a P0130 code. Back then Gary hooked up the O2 sensor and let the engine run for like 15 min and found that it was functioning fine. Most of the time the CEL goes off but of course the code is still stored. I have gone almost 15k miles with this code appearing maybe 3-4 times and now it has gone off like 3 times in the past 200 miles. In these past 3 times here is what has happened:

1st - I cleared the code with my OBD-II Scanner right away
2nd (about 100 miles later) - CEL eventually went off but still stored
3rd (about 40 miles later) - CEL on. I have not cleared it but guessing it will go off by itself.

Has anyone with these mods had this problem? While doing a search for this problem I ran across this thread in the Mini Cooper forum which sounds exactly like my problems. ... miles.html

Has anyone with my same mods had this problem?

Thanks for your help
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