Streetable undertrays for NBB Miatas...any pics/skematics?

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Streetable undertrays for NBB Miatas...any pics/skematics?

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Hey everyone! This is more a shout-out to the guys that have made these before. I was wondering if anyone has a few photos of the same car with installed undertrays on the front and back. I was planning on getting an air dam (either Garage Vary/Touge Run or OEM 01-05 Air Dam) and I thought adding an undertray at least to the front would make a huge difference in cutting down on my front lift and make my car less of a parachute. i would also be lowering the car before any of this happens, just want to do the most I can before having to resort to adding HP.

Anyone have like plans to make this myself? I was thinking ABS would be a perfect medium for this project, but i'm just hesitant to do any purchasing/cutting until I have some plans in front of me; if there are some out there that is.

Thanks a bunch guys, and I look forward to any responses.

Brian Grant
Stock 04 Red VVT NB
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