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Chris Thompson
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Where's all the praise for the smartTOP module? Got one of these from Good-Win a couple weeks back. Pricey? Yes, but worth every dime. Really. If you have a PRHT you need this product even if you don't know it.
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Re: smartTOP

Post by Brian »

You're right, we put one in the Project 2012 car and have yet to write about it in that thread....but we love it. It is how the car should have been designed. There are times when I just want to drop the top at a stop light but don't want to worry that I will hold up traffic if the light changes before the top if finished going down.....and now I can just roll off and the top finishes the job of going down while I cruise away. It does not seem like a big deal until you have the freedom from having to hold the silly button down.....and instead you can just tap the button once and go.
Brian Goodwin
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Re: smartTOP

Post by mazdaracerchick »

I agree! This mod is great...especially for the summer! The ability to drive and put the top down at the same time really comes in handy.

For example, when someone is waiting for your parking spot you can just roll out as the top goes down no extra waiting.

No holding up traffic or pulling over to put the top down either, great for transition from freeway with top up to residential with top down.

Not to mention all the ohhs and ahhs from everyone!

Great summer treat for yourself or awesome gift.

Check out the cool video on the website: ... -1060.html
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