Putting My Foot Down - Moving from NC to NA

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Putting My Foot Down - Moving from NC to NA

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OK, guys, I'm selling my NC and moving to an NA. I've made some big future financial plans and the NC just won't fit these plans. I want to be debt-free yet I also want to mod and autocross my car. The NC will cut it as a show, fun DD, but that's about it - plus, on debt.

This is good news for Brian because rather I buy NA parts than no parts, right? Haha

I'm posting it all over the place to sell it quick before I change my mind. This is isn't easy, I love my NC.

I'm in San Diego and this is the Craiglist ad: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/3360988477.html

If you guys have any leads, I'd appreciate it.

Looking forward to a nice NA, that I can build out for a third of what the NC costs.

My car: The 1995 RallyWays Miata
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