Dual resonator Goodwin Mid Pipe

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Dual resonator Goodwin Mid Pipe

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by Brian » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:36 am

We are going to make some of our midpipes soon without converters (including double resonators instead), but can't yet say what day they land on the shelf. In the meantime we do have our Racing Beat Header and two Racing Beat connecting pipe choices but even the choice with single resonator is pretty loud.....even with the Q at the back."

As the Cosworth eats up cats count me in for the catless dual resonator mid pipe. I have the Q exhaust which is quiet enough with the cat and the Cosworth. I replaced the street single with the Q because ths street single was just too loud as a daily driver. Where would the dual resonator mid pipe fall betwen the street single and the Q versus the cat resonator pipe? I'm primarily concerened with the sound level at highway speeds 3000 - 3500 rpm in 5th gear. I realize sound levels are subjective but I'd appreciate your opinion.

How soon before dual resonator will be available? I'd like to put in my order.

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Re: Dual resonator Goodwin Mid Pipe

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Working on it but give you an ETA yet, still some testing work to do.
Brian Goodwin
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