RX8 KW V3 on NC MX-5

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RX8 KW V3 on NC MX-5

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Installed KW V3 for RX8 on my NC1.

I don't think this has been done before because people simply buy KW V3 for the NC.

I ran into a good deal on the RX8 V3 on craigslist and realized that NC suspension is almost identical to the RX8 . (I was unsure at first but knew that the swaybars fit)

The shock length is longer on the RX8 application.

I did not get any measurements or weight differences; however here's some pictures to compare from OEM tokico from (non sport 5pd manual 2006)

ABS line bracket had to be bent upwards to clear the shock/resrovoir.

Because of the length difference in the shock, I had to go to the lowest setting on the thread.

Due to the higher spring rates and valving, the car feels much more stiff over my previous coilovers.

Over-all I'm satisfied with the install, however I'm unsure of what to do about compression and rebound.

Just wanted to share with you guys so that people know that it is possible to use RX8 coilovers with MX5 OEM TOP HATS.

My question is: Because the shock is longer than the MX5 application, I had no choice but to go to the lowest setting in order to fit my 255/40/17 on 17x9 at a reasonable negative camber for race-spec. Typically when you do this, you compromise damping travel. In this case, the shock is longer than what it is supposed to have, so will this still compromise damping travel although the increase in damper length? (About 2 inches~3inches from OEM suspension for rear.

Please refrain from asking "why did you put on RX8 coilovers on mx5 , when you could have bought mx5 coilovers?" I wanted to try something new and happened to get a good deal. Also I heard about other users using MOTON RX8 shocks on MX5. I'm assuming that they're using aftermarket coilover springs by swift with correct spring length.

My final question is, Could I possibly get MX5 length coilover springs and will this solve the issue.

Thanks guys!
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Re: RX8 KW V3 on NC MX-5

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I applaud you for willingness to experiment. What's the length of the springs? I have the KW V3 on my NC and if your interested, I might want to swap rear springs with you and would be willing to sell you my fronts. Shoot me an email and we can discuss, addy is: nhau at Y!
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Re: RX8 KW V3 on NC MX-5

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I would check to see if you have any compression travel left and are not already on the bumpstops when the car is on the ground. Your using a shock that is 2-3" longer in length than the MX5's, and the MX top hats are 2" shorter than the RX's. I'm assumig that since the 2 cars share the same basic platform, that the trunk floors are at the same relative position in the chassis. They used a shorter shock and tophat for lack of space to fit the longer RX units. You've probably used up most if not all of your compression travel compressing those longer shocks into a smaller distance than they were designed for.
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