Sway Bars - Racing Beat VS. Progress

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Sway Bars - Racing Beat VS. Progress

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Looking in to getting a set of sway bars of my 2013. Currently, I have Ohlins DFVs installed. Tires I'm running for autocross are 235/40R17 Dunlop ZIIs, and 215/45R17 Micheline PSS for street. I have stock brake pads as of now, but will be installing CL RC5+ sintered pads for front and rear pretty soon. Car is my DD, but I autocross it as much as I can. I plan to take it out to a track day one of these days. I'm not necessarily an agressive street driver since I want to save gas. I do go out on spirited mountain runs and have a bit of fun on freeway on ramps and off ramps. I'm looking to see what fits the bill better for my situation. The Progress bars seem much stiffer, while the RB bars are much less so. 50% street, 50% autocross. I would not mind loosing a bit of comfort for performance, but I don't wish to upset the balance of my car. Also are aftermarket end links necessary?

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Re: Sway Bars - Racing Beat VS. Progress

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You will want the links if you have lowered it with the Ohlins significantly (let's say an inch or more). The purpose is to both add stronger links, and to correct geometry once you have lowered the car (to get bar ends level again).

Both the Racing Beat and Progress Sways would serve you well, it's a choice between serious...and even more serious and you really can't go wrong with either choice. Since the Ohlins already give you pretty good spring rates I would do the Progress if you run smoother surfaces and the Racing Beat if some of the surfaces you run are rough and rutted.
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