6UL's in 15x8 on NA

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6UL's in 15x8 on NA

Post by slampen »

Would these fit a '96 fitted with Eibach and Yellow Koni's without any fender rolling?

I do remember Emilio said that 15x8 would fit on NA without any need to roll the fenders.
But a a friend of mine uses a set of Konig ReTrack 32mm, 15x7.5 and they to rub inside of the fender now and then. (It's actually the car on the picture.) They are fitted with R888's.

And the ReTrack would after my calculations be a couple of mm further away from the fender.

I post it here since you sell both the rims. :)

-95 BRG 1.8.
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Re: 6UL's in 15x8 on NA

Post by Brian »

Race tires are typically over sized, and that particular example is very over sized.

If your plan is to run a regular street tire in the 205/50/15 size, then that will usually fit without fender roll if you have approx 1.2 negative camber or better.
Brian Goodwin
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