Which shocks?

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Which shocks?

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I recently purchased my 1st Miata-a 2004 LS, 5 spd with 73,000 miles on it. This is a "play car" that I ended up buying instead of (another) boat. I've had it checked out by a mechanic I trust, and everything seems to be in good-totally stock-shape. Since I bought it I've had some exhaust work-Magnaflow-done, installed a K & N cold air induction system, and put on new tires (the one item that was NOT in good shape).
I'm thinking about putting on new shocks. The mechanic says mine aren't leaking, but I'd feel better having "my own" shocks. I'm looking at Koni STR-T shocks because I don't plan to change the springs, but I've read really mixed reviews about them. Does anyone have an opinion? A better option?
I should explain that I'm retired, over 65, and on a very fixed income. Everything I do to this car is kinda 1 piece at a time, and money IS a consideration.
I'll appreciate any all help!
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Re: Which shocks?

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I can't think of anything better than Koni STR-T shocks for the money...
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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