Hello from England

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Hello from England

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I recently bought a 2012 Limited Edition Kuro:

http://www.mazda.co.uk/aboutmazda/news/ ... ro-models/

This is a 2.0 PRHT with OEM bilstein shocks, so has body roll/diving under braking fitted as standard :( .

I'd like to improve the handling a bit and I am considering upgrading the springs. I have had a good read on this forum and miata.net so I realize the standard shocks can only really handle the Progress or Eibach springs. Unfortunately Progress don't have any UK dealers. Mazda dealers sell upgraded springs in the UK so I get to keep my warranty, which are made by Eibach, but they don't sell different springs for the PRHT. They do sell different springs for the NC2 (in UK we call it the MK3.5).

My question is does anybody know how long the springs are uncompressed in the PRHT kit sold here:

http://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Pe ... 2PRHT.html

I have found out the Eibach spring kit sold in UK/Europe are 295mm (11.6in) 7.9 coils front, 330mm (13in) 7.5 coils rear. I don't want to fit the official UK Mazda springs if they won't be suitable for my PRHT car.

Brian I visited San Diego in Sept 2011 with my wife, you live in a nice part of the world, we still miss the Karl Strauss beer.
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