NC Sway Bar Options SCCA Stock/Street Class

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NC Sway Bar Options SCCA Stock/Street Class

Postby race2win » Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:05 pm

With the impending Street category next year & proposal to move the MS-R Miata & Solstice Z0K to BS, I'm considering prepping my 2012 Touring 6-speed for CS. I currently have the Hotchkis front bar but I feel it is too much bar even on the soft setting, it turns in pretty good but the car has very pronounced off-corner understeer.

Last season I experimented with upgrading the rear bar instead of the front & tried an RX8 Sport bar. This worked pretty well in most situations & I will probably go back & do some more testing with that bar & maybe even something bigger in the rear, but I also want to try a front bar somewhere in-between the stock 21MM unit & the 27MM Hotchkis.

I see the Racing Beat bar is around 25MM & hollow, so that may be a good option, my question what are the ratings for the bar on each of the 3 adjustment holes? RB claims 2.67 times stiffer than the OE bar, does anyone know which hole that is on?

The plan at this point for the car is some Konis to take advantage of less shock gas pressure which should bring the car down a bit compared to the OE Bilstiens, then some FCM bumpstops, a Roadstersport single, Dunlop ZIIs on the OE 17x7 wheels, as well as the aforementioned sway bar testing.
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