In need of some wisdom

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In need of some wisdom

Post by AmirD »


I have a 2010 MX5 NC, 2.0 liters, soft top, manual transmission with the bilstein shocks and LSD. I am interested in lowering the car.

Between the Eibach springs and the H&R sport springs, which kit would you recommend and why? I plan on keeping the stock bilstein shocks for now.

I am currently running a 17x7 +40 offset wheel with 205/45/17 tires.
Is this offset too much? Will it damage the car in anyway? Do I need to change anything in my car because of this wheel? Will I need to roll the fenders if I lower the car?

Thank you very much,

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Re: In need of some wisdom

Post by aleenoor »

Hi Amer,
For a 2010, I would highly recommend the Progress springs available from Brian. I think they are the best choice if you are not upgrading your shocks.

1. Eibach will lower the car but are still very soft and your car will bottom out more often than you will like ...
2. H&R have 2 issues for your car ... they are stiffer than what would match right with your OEM Bilstein shocks .. also, since you have an NC2 (09+), your car will end up slightly higher in the front.

As for your wheels, There has always been a debate over spacers and their effect on wheel bearings ... I have been using lower offset wheels and spacers for a long time on many different cars ... never had an issue ... I am currently running 17X8 +39ET wheels with 225/24/17 tires.

In short, in my opinion , you will not have any issues using those wheels. I have used +40 wheels and 205/45/17 and did not need any rolling .. no rubbing. If however you get wider tires, you might need rolling.
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