Polyurethane Bushings NC1

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Polyurethane Bushings NC1

Post by Randale »


I am looking at a bushing overhaul.

I have Progress Sways.

What combination of bushings do I need to order for the best results? Is there a comprehensive package available as there is for the NB?

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Re: Polyurethane Bushings NC1

Post by Brian »

Sorry to say that no combo kit yet available for NC that I know of, we are stuck with the Powerflex piecemeal approach for now. I expect Prothane will make a complete kit at some point.
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Re: Polyurethane Bushings NC1

Post by v67gsr »

Yup. Only Powerflex is available right now. For best result, change all of them. Since you need to remove the suspension pieces anyway, may as well do the whole thing in one shot.
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Re: Polyurethane Bushings NC1

Post by Cotomeus »

I just had the whole set of bushings changed. Good improvement to the feel of the car and most of the squeaking from worn bushings were gone. The only thing is that my front lower arms had to be replaced cuz there is a big round bushing which is worn but apparently that cannot be replaced like the other bushings. As a result I have a spare sets of polyurethane bushings for the front lower arm as I think it's quite silly to cut a brand new stock bushing to replace with the polyurethane one. Keeping it as spare instead.
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