Version 1 Big Brake Kit Questions

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Version 1 Big Brake Kit Questions

Postby Hal » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:37 pm

I haven't found info. on the forum about the Version 1 BBK (Part Number: 61-0422), so I'm asking.

1. Will mounting Konig Feathers (Part Number: 60-1351) on the Version 1 kit yield a 36 mm offset? If so, how can I expect this to affect handling and ride? Data: on my stock '92 Miata w/ RB springs, STRTs, 195-50 15 ZE-912s (Falkens will evolve a bit next time.)

2. Are there any other upgrades to the Version 1 kit besides a pair of Version 4 hat/rotor combos (Part Number: 60-1091DBA-F) to bring it up to parity with Version 4 kit (Part Number: 60-109156-F)? A staged upgrade may make my BBK affordable sooner and who knows? I may be perfectly happy with the Version 1 hats/rotors.

3. Will the combination of the Feathers and Version 1 kit with Version 4 upgrades yield the same offset as in my first question? (I haven't run across data on any offset introduced by the Version 4 hat/rotor combos--I'm just trying to nip the question in the bud.)

Thanks, Hal
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Re: Version 1 Big Brake Kit Questions

Postby Brian » Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:10 am

Hi Hal

The Version1 will add 2mm to offset. So, a 38mm offset wheel effectively becomes 36mm. That won't happen with Version4. Whether you have 2mm of additional clearance depends on many variables, particularly camber, height and tire brand choice, and you would need to check clearance. You can later change to V4 hats/rotors, or 6 piston calipers.
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