Any chance of a "Super Q" midpipe?

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Chuck H
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Any chance of a "Super Q" midpipe?

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Brian, I was wondering if you ever looked at making a Q version of either one of your midpipes with a 5" main resonator in the place of the 4" one you use now? Or would a 5" one interfere with chassis bracing?

It seems crazy when you first do the math, but a 5" resonator with a 2.5 inch core has 92% more baffling volume than a 4" one of the same length, and might tone things down enough that folks with cat-less headers, and maybe even supercharged folks, could still run a Race or Street Single muffler.

Just some food for thought, if you need another exhaust project to play around with. :wink:
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Re: Any chance of a "Super Q" midpipe?

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Sorry, no plans for midpipe with more resonator, already got as much as we can reasonable stuff in there. Indeed current design already has as much as neatly fits under the car. To go bigger diameter gets into serious clearance issues with various braces, speed bumps, etc.
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