Rotor weight for nb

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Rotor weight for nb

Post by Schuckers »

Has anyone checked the weights of the various rotors available?
Since I have gone to the light weight rims will I see an improvement with lighter weight rotors as well?
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Re: Rotor weight for nb

Post by Brian »

Short of going to two-piece rotors you won't find any meaningful ride improvement from the lightest of the one piece replacement rotors...which are our Centric rotors (mere ounces lighter than our more expensive choices).

The real source of additional unsprung weight savings that would equal noticeable ride improvement is a big brake kit. Your factory Miata calipers are cat iron and our big brake kits drop about 5 pounds per corner of unsprung weight in the front, and customers often report the first thing they notice before testing their new brakes is better ride.
Brian Goodwin
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