NC1 w/ProKit springs: HTS or HD shocks?

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NC1 w/ProKit springs: HTS or HD shocks?

Post by MarcH938 »

Hi Brian,

I have a NC1 with the tired OEM Bilsteins, and Mazdaspeed springs/sways. I am overdue for new shocks.

I autocross a few times a year, nothing too serious. I don't mind a firm ride, but want some comfort...anything is better than the jittery mess my current shocks have turned in to.

Would the Tokico HTS be a huge improvement over the Bilstein HDs? At almost twice the price (if you include the cable adjusters), I am wondering if I spring for the HTS, or save some money and go with the HDs.

You opinion is appreciated!
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Re: NC1 w/ProKit springs: HTS or HD shocks?

Post by njaremka »

if you go with Bilsteins, you will want the sports. sports have the same damping, but are shorter for lowering springs.

only percieved difference between the Bilsteins and the Tokicos is the Tokicos are damping adjustable, and Bilsteins are not.
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Re: NC1 w/ProKit springs: HTS or HD shocks?

Post by Brian »

Top Autocross choice has always been the KONI SPORT....and likely it will remain that way.

Those short bilsteins are great choice for street drivers, just not an autocross choice because of the lack of adjustment.

Tokico is effectively out of business in the USA and has been for many months, can't recommend any of their stuff currently as a result. Hopefully they get full distribution in the USA again soon.
Brian Goodwin
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