How dare you!

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How dare you!

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You know, I have built a lot of cars in my time and was in the hunt for a sports car for a while. I drove everything I could get my hands on. Couple of Vette's, Viper, Porsche, two BRZ's,Z4's a new Stang etc. Porsche has to many IMS bearing problems, Vipers and Z06 only come in a standard, BRZ's dropping motors and the Stangs were just to plush. So after a few Miata test drives I ended up with a 07 black PRHT auto. Bang for the buck it just couldn't be beat. I cant help it on the auto I am getting lazy in my old age and I want the wife to enjoy whatever I get, she hates standards.

This website and the shopping area has got to bee one of the most well put together websites I have seen for modding a car. Reviews, videos, recommendations and feedback like no other. You sir have caused me to already go on a spending frenzy after just a few weeks of ownership. You should be ashamed. LOL I ordered Progressive springs, Koni Sports, racing beat sways and a super Q. I also ordered a ducktail from Japan just because I couldn't make yours fit good sir. I plan on tracking this thing maybe once a year just to show my wife how fun it is. Keep up the good work Brian I can't wait to get my stuff. I strayed away from the header for now as I am really considering FI at some point in the future and I am afraid it my be a little to loud but we will see. I am all about reliability so I keep weighing that out for the header VS FI and done. Right now the power is fine for the back road twisties. This thing will cost way less to build then my other toy that's for sure!

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Re: How dare you!

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Thanks for the good words, glad you are having fun!
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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