Which FCM bumpstop to use ?

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Which FCM bumpstop to use ?

Postby Hollywood » Tue May 20, 2014 8:37 pm

Hey Brain, I was looking on your website at all the FCM bump stop that is offered. Can you give a better breakdown of the three bump stops ? All the descriptions sounds the same.

I will be ordering a set of KONI yellow sport dampers soon to go with my MS PRHT springs if it helps.

And also off topic, you wouldnt happen to know if there are any weight savings with the koni / ms springs over the stock suspension would you ? I know some coilovers you save 3lbs per corner ? Just curious if you happen to know.
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Re: Which FCM bumpstop to use ?

Postby Brian » Wed May 21, 2014 5:27 am

The basic decision is 'Comfort,' 'Sport' or 'Track,' and you see that right in the title of each. Comfort is lower density bits for those trying to max comfort, track is the higher density part front and rear for those focused on track performance...and Sport is the compromise in the middle.

I doubt there is any weight savings with Koni as compared to stock shocks, likely the Koni is a few ounces heavier thanks to more beefy construction (12mm shock rod instead of 10mm, etc). Aluminum coilovers with short and narrow race springs are a different story.
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