Installed RSII on PRHT - Some observations

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Installed RSII on PRHT - Some observations

Postby IlyaM427 » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:02 am

Wow, am I glad I did not go for the Q.
I was debating getting the Q because I didn't want something super loud (coming from someone with a full two brothers exhaust on a Kawasaki ZX-6R).

Anyway, installation was pretty simple however the gasket supplied produced a leak above and below the connection between muffler and midpipe. I tried both ways and tightening the bolts to specs but it still leaked a lot. I threw the OEM O-ring gasket on WITH the supplied Goodwin gasket and now there are no noticeable leaks. However I don't like the idea of having both gaskets on there, and I've since read some threads about possibly bending the flanges so I'll be taking it off and looking at it in more detail this weekend.

Anyway, onward!

I was worried about the deceleration boom having the PRHT and I do notice it around 2K RPM. It's actually not too annoying and I think I might actually like it. Occasionally it does cause a strange pressure sensation on my ears.

Interestingly enough, here are my tests:

1st day installed : Boom present with top up windows closed, and top up windows down.
2nd day: Boom entirely absent with top up, windows closed or open.
3rd day: Boom present with top up, however less than 1st day. Boom definitely present with top down.

I will definitely be keeping this exhaust since even with the boom, it's not a big deal. I wonder if it's related to how much stuff is in the trunk vs. the echo chamber created with the PRHT. Although strange that it's more prevalent with top down since that empty space is occupied by the roof.

One thing though (back to my original thought), this exhaust is NOT LOUD (my opinion). I honestly had the feeling that it's quieter than stock! However I know that's not the case because I had my friend drive the car and from outside, it's definitely louder than stock. Perfect amount of bass too, it just sounds completely different.

I wonder if it will get louder as it breaks in? I hope so.

Anyway +1 for Brian and his team! I am a fan.
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