2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

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2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

Post by SamuelS983 »

I just bought a 2015 MX5, thinkin of buying and installing the AEM cold air intake. I live in seattle with lots of rain. The intake element appears to install down in the mouth and looks like it could be subject to direct rain impingement at higher speeds during heavy rains or water on the road. Anyone have any experience with this issue or comments? I do see that they sell a rain cover for the element, but seems like a soaked cover would reduce air intake and still allow moisture to enter the system. maybe a K&N stock replacement air filter is a better route to go?
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Re: 2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

Post by Brian »

Comes with a rain sock to prevent issue unless you decide to cross rivers that are 2 feet deep, etc.

Moisture gets sucked into the stock intake too, which is already in the mouth/bumper of the car. Note we inject water intentionally when we add superchargers and turbos, the water cools the charge and actually cleans out the carbon deposits....so I would not worry about small amounts of moisture in the air the motor sucks in.
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Re: 2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

Post by Pat »

I've driven through many rain storms, torrential downpours where you have to slow down to see ect. I've never had an issue withe the AEM intake and the rain sock that they supply with the kit.

Like Brian said just don't attempt to drive though water where the intake would be completely submerged.
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Re: 2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

Post by seatac »

I live a little further north in Vancouver so we get pretty much the same weather. I have run the normally aspirated (not the mp62) Moto-East intake for more than a full year now. The car runs like champ, haven't had any issues in the winter, including some pretty wet spring/fall hpde and autox days.
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Re: 2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

Post by t0ast »

No issues with highway travel or AutoX use during heavy rain here using the sock. Just avoid substantially deep water and automatic touchless car washes and you should be fine. It's also not a bad idea to replace the sock every time you clean the filter (every ~2 years) since it becomes less hydrophobic over time.
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2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake installation

Post by StevenB869 »

guys i saw when i bought the item 61-1384 intake for my 2010 MX5GT that there was to be install instructions and i havent been able to find them can you help please.. thank you
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Re: 2015 MX5 - Cold Air Intake - Rain Impingement

Post by JosephA153 »

Here's something on water cleaning out carbon deposits. back in the day....we used to pour a small amount of water into the carburetor/s to clean out the carbon deposits in the engine. Sounded crazy until you realized that the high heat and pressure broke down the H2O which allowed the elements to do their magic! Great advice Brian!
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