Wheel Bearings for NC

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Wheel Bearings for NC

Post by matthew-m »

Is it possible to change just the (front) bearings on the NC, or am I stuck purchasing the whole hub assembly? It would really help if I can save $200 for parts...

If I must purchase the assembly, does the RX-8 hub on your site come complete with bearings, etc, like the stock MX-5 parts from Mazda?


Matthew Metoyer
Matthew Metoyer
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Re: Wheel Bearings for NC

Post by Brian »

I have not tried to repack the bearings on MX5, it's just so easy to bolt on the RX8 front hub and be done with it. Yes, the RX8 hub is complete, that's part of the attraction.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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