Cobalt Skid Plate

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Cobalt Skid Plate

Post by MatthewS989 »

I just had a random question I thought about and wanted to ask. I own a 2010 MX-5.

The Cobalt Skid Plate says it only fits up to 2008 MX-5s, but I've seen other websites advertise that this would fit up to 2012 MX-5s. Just wondering if that would be true, or if it's false advertising?

I also own the K&N Apollo cold air induction system because Summit Racing advertised that it'd fit my year Miata. It does, but had to be fittled with to fit. And that also is advertised here on GWR as only fitting up to 06-08 years.

Just curious because it would be a nice addition rather than the plastic skid plate. And would be easier access to lower engine parts when changing oil and what not.

Thank y'all and have a wonderful day!
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Re: Cobalt Skid Plate

Post by Brian »

We show that Cobalt plate as 2006-2008 application. Sorry, have not tried it on newer NC.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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