Possible horrible/fantastic decision...NC to NB?

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Possible horrible/fantastic decision...NC to NB?

Post by NaregM677 »

Hey gang,
I love my NC Miata. I love her more than certain members of my family. My NC is an extension of my body when I throw her through the corners of my neighborhood. HOWEVER...
My brother loves my car and would buy one for himself, except that he doesn't like the idea of having two of the same car in the family, SO...

Should I sell my NC and use the money to buy an NB and modify it with the extra cash? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

I go to the track once every 3 months and the vehicle would still be my daily driver.
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Re: Possible horrible/fantastic decision...NC to NB?

Post by Brian »

Still miss my 99, which made a great track day toy. I find the NC more comfortable for daily driving but certainly any generation of Miata can get the dual purpose job done of track days and daily driving. But if your Bro can't stand the idea of you both having NC, seems to me it is his decision to get an NB. Not clear to me why you would sell your NC because of his odd thing about both of you having the same car.

My thinking is exactly opposite of his, I think it really cool if you both have the same car, both in NC. You could trade bits back and forth, swap wheel and tire selections, sways, compare and contrast alignment settings, etc. If you both have an NC, just think of all the fun you could have testing bits and comparing setups on the same platform, racing each other in the same SCCA autocross class, etc. Perhaps you challenge him to join you next season in STR class and you guys have a blast with some friendly brother to brother competition.
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Re: Possible horrible/fantastic decision...NC to NB?

Post by JonU »

At one point, we had 5 Miatas in my extended family. We modify them differently, compare notes, go to car shows, drives to the twisties, etc., etc. I'd say it's more about the fun of sharing something in common, than a reason for division.
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