Will a 195/60/14 work on a NA Miata?

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Will a 195/60/14 work on a NA Miata?

Post by BrandonW963 »

I was just wondering if the slightly wider tire works on the early (1995) Miatas.
They are a little bit taller and also wider. They would fit on stock wheels on a stock suspension (not lowered). My cousin has some nice tires that he isn't going to use and asked me if I wanted them but the difference from the stock 185 width to 195 and slight shift in diam. 22.8 to 23.3 so I want to make sure before I commit to them.
Thanks for any thoughts on this. Also if anyone has ran this size did they prefer the wider size or the stock size would also be welcome information.
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Re: Will a 195/60/14 work on a NA Miata?

Post by Brian »

Customers for our 14x7 wheels (1 inch wider than stock on 94 Miata) often run 195/60/14.

Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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