2.5 NC swap ??

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2.5 NC swap ??

Post by JohnR798 »

OK I have the 2.5 in and started but not tuned yet. I used the 2.5 fusion motor. A couple of problems with this swap that are not listed on any web site. probably stick with the mazda motor unless your good at motor swaps.

But my big question is neither dip stick shows any oil. Does the motor take more oil after removing the oil pan, balance shafts and complete oil system drain ? I filled the oil filter prior to install and put the rest of the 5 qts in the motor. but nothing shows on dip stick. Anybody ran into this?

I would have thought that the MX5 stick would have been a shorter then the ford one because of the increased deck height. but they are almost the same size.
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Re: 2.5 NC swap ??

Post by Brian »

We transfer the oil pan from the 2.0 to the 2.5...which I expect you must have done to complete install, and yes the dip stick will show oil.
Brian Goodwin
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