Tire Pressures 26psi?

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Tire Pressures 26psi?

Post by KD8LZT »

I have a 2002 SE with stock 16" X 6.5 wheels. The door tag says tire pressures should be 26 psi.

I am changing to 205/50/15 tires and 15X6.5" wheels, Dunlop STAR SPEC Z2 tires. Will be 7 lbs a wheel lighter.

What tire pressure is recommended for these tires on a 2002 SE for daily driving?
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Re: Tire Pressures 26psi?

Post by Brian »

Pressure depends on your priorities. For max performance try higher, 28, 30, et. For max comfort say at 26.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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