Which choice of wheel/tire combo

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Which choice of wheel/tire combo

Postby ChrisT283 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:58 pm

Was asking about this on another forum but I figured I'd bring it here where the parts are.

The miata in question is a 94R. For the most part it is a weekend driver where I might site see or
perhaps find a nice curvy road to embrace. I'm not looking to destroy ride quality for the sake of
handling but a bit of improvement in response and perhaps a bit more grip then stock. I don't
know that I'll take it to the track but if I was I'd probably get another set for that.

I've narrowed down to either-

15x7 Advanti Storm S1 with the Nitto NT450


14x7 Enkei RPF1 with the Falken Azenis

The Enkei setup is about 250 more but it seems I'd have a better ride with improved over stock response.

Can anyone offer any thought on these setups? Thanks for any suggestions!
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Re: Which choice of wheel/tire combo

Postby Brian » Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:39 pm

Ride quality for those combos will be so close you can't feel the difference. The reason is that you have a really stiff sidewall relatively heavy 14 inch tire with that Falken....and a very soft sidewall ultra light tire with that Nitto. That 14 inch combo has more grip with that Falken, by comparison that Nitto is a low grip all season tire that will live twice as long as the Falken...but never be as much fun to lean on as the high grip Falken.
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