2016 ND Pricing

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2016 ND Pricing

Post by Pat »

Just saw this article on the pricing for upcoming ND: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Starts at $29,420, Grand Touring at $30,885. That's a bit of a price jump from the current level.

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Re: 2016 ND Pricing

Post by Brian »

Yep, I expect we will get a base model Sport and add the stuff we want.
Brian Goodwin
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Re: 2016 ND Pricing

Post by morrisg »

Update on the pricing now that the spec deck is public. The Sport lists at $24,915 with the Club at $28,600 plus $820 delivery. So what do we get for $3685 from Sport to Club? 16" wheels/tires to 17"; Bilstein shocks, stiffer sway bars, FSTB and an LSD (plus a bunch of trim items I'm not interested in).

Brian, this seems like a huge opportunity to put together a package including Ohlins, bars, LSD, and 17" wheels and tires. By purchasing a Sport, the customer is already $3685 ahead on the cost of such a package. Ok, I'm dreaming, but I do remember how disappointing the "Sport" suspension from the factory was on my 2009 NC Touring. The Ohlins alone were an amazing difference. Full STR prep is night and day better. Please keep us up to date on Ohlins developments for the NC and 4 lug 17" wheels that are coming.
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Re: 2016 ND Pricing

Post by Freescopesdad »

Great idea, but doubt that you could meet that price threshold with all of that gear. But light Enkei 17" wheels, summer tires, LSD, FSTB and Konis are probably doable - before labor. With the Ohlins, probably parts costs closer to $4,500-$5,000. Of course you can always sell the stock wheels/tires, but probably for a steep discount.

Let the ND mods begin... :mrgreen:
Ron Petrich
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Re: 2016 ND Pricing

Post by Curves »

I also think base model and spend the money on aftermarket upgrades is much better. My biggest regret with my NC was I purchased the PRHT GT Model. I carry 70+ lbs penalty in STR autocross and I can't put a rollbar on for track.

I am looking forward to getting rides in Brian's ND at local events as the mods evolve :)
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