Koni vs stock Bilstein

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Koni vs stock Bilstein

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Just bought a 2015 MX5 GS that comes with the Bilstein set up. I'm going to Autocross the car and want to know if the Koni's are an improvement on the car and why and how does it effect the ride quality on the street. I have ordered the front sway bar but am holding of on the shocks till I get some fed back.
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Re: Koni vs stock Bilstein

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Koni Sport is what most stock/street competitors use, the reason is control over balance of the car front to rear and the twin tube design of the Koni is lower pressure by design such that customers typically get half inch of lower even with stock springs and that allows more negative camber that stock/street competitors need to go faster. Ride is at least as good if you tune them to soft setting and many competitors run them stiff just for their competition days but another advantage is that over the life of the shocks you can slowly dial them up to keep the handling consistent.
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