2013 Miata Club Sport Suspension 6 Speed

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2013 Miata Club Sport Suspension 6 Speed

Postby FrankieS791 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:46 am

I have a 2013 Club, 6 speed with sport suspension with stock tires (8,000 miles on car) and plan on upgrading my suspension. First upgrade is going to be sway bars followed by Progress springs with my factory Bilsteins. I am having a hard time deciding between the Progress Sways and the Racing Beat Sways. My car is not a daily driver and is used for weekend spirited driving. I have also been considering Eibach sways and RX8 Yellow front Orange rear bars. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I like the Progress sways but am concerned that they might be too much sway bar. Also, concerned that they might be harsh on the factory mounting points and end links. Thank you in advance for your input!
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Re: 2013 Miata Club Sport Suspension 6 Speed

Postby Brian » Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:15 am

My wife loves the Progress sways in our 2012. No issues with the mounts or links, though track customers will upgrade the links with any sway choice because the stock links are a weak 'link', pun intended. Note our track customers often use our RX8 Progress sways on the MX5, which are MUCH stiffer than the MX5 Progress Sways and still no issues on factory mounting positions. Front Progress RX8 sway is 32mm! Likewise my racing supercharged 2007 uses the big 32mm front.

It all comes back to how flat you want it. If you want it really flat in the corners, the Progress MX5 Sways are my top street car choice. The Racing Beat sways are also a great choice, just a bit less rate and result. I am not a fan of using RX8 factory bars because no adjustment, you are stuck with the balance you get.
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Re: 2013 Miata Club Sport Suspension 6 Speed

Postby matthew-m » Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:38 pm

I have the Progress MX5 front bar with the stock rear bar in use with 250 and 200 pound springs on FCM coilovers. I think you can expect roughly 50% reduction in roll from the Progress bars (I did the sway last). In some ways, I wish I had gone with the Progress springs instead of coil overs, since I value street comfort over the advantages of higher-rate springs (less dive and squat, etc).

I'm going to redirect slightly... You mentioned the Progress RX8 bars for even flatter cornering - what would you recommend for my setup? I generally like the current balance, though sometimes it feels like it has too much oversteer. Would you use all RX8 bars or the front mixed with the MX5 rear bar? Or some other combination?
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Re: 2013 Miata Club Sport Suspension 6 Speed

Postby WestlakeHorn » Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:59 pm

I would recommend the Progress Sways for your setup. I have a 2015 Miata Club PRHT and this was my first modification. These sway bars really bring the car to life and make it an absolute joy to drive. The best part is they are adjustable, so you can adjust to your liking.

If I could only make one modification to an NC Miata, this is the one I would choose to make.
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