2.5L Conversion Questions

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2.5L Conversion Questions

Postby CursedSIC » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:35 pm

While I had hoped to supercharge my NC MX-5, with the miles at 106,000 and climbing, it's apparent that it would simply be an unsafe option. Thus, I am now considering the 2.5L conversion.

Would the roadstersport max power header be a good option for this build?
I was going to get full exhaust with intake and tune before doing a 2.5 conversion, but if this conversion is inevitable, and likely to be sooner than later, would I be better off waiting for the headers and tune until the conversion?
Is the AEM/MS CAI still compatible with this build?
What kind of price are we looking at with a conversion, headers, clutch, and radiator?
Rad and clutch prepurchased.
Also, you made note of a prototype 2.5 header, has any progress been made on this?
Do you have an idea on pricing, and power advantages over RS Max Power?

If I think of any other questions, I'll be sure to throw them your way.

I very much love this car, and can only imagine loving it with the 2.5 conversion even more.
Thank you Brian, for making so much of this possible.
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Re: 2.5L Conversion Questions

Postby Brian » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:54 pm

RoadsterSport Max power header proved good for 200 hp (and good for more than 300 hp in our supercharger thread). More dyno work coming in our Project Blue thread soon, likely in December. Now have the higher compression 2.5 motor in that project so we will run the comparisons again to see how much difference we get between the various headers now that we have 2.5 with high compression and cams and flowed head.
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