2012-NC Automatic PRHT - Supercharger Compatibility

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2012-NC Automatic PRHT - Supercharger Compatibility

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Considering upgrading to the complete MP-62 Supercharger, for 2012 NC Automatic PRHT...need to know if this is compatible with the previously installed, RoadsterSport All Stainless Steel MX5 COMPLETE STREET EXHAUST COMBO...with CERAMIC Upgrade? This upgrade does have the CATS!
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Re: 2012-NC Automatic PRHT - Supercharger Compatibility

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Yes, the MP62 kit is compatible with both the Auto and PRHT. Also compatible with the full Roadster Sport exhaust combo. However, we recommend against having a catalytic converter in the header for supercharged setups because the additional exhaust gas temperature can prematurely fail the cat. The secondary cat down in the midpipe is far enough downstream to be far less affected. We usually recommend our Max Power header instead of the street header if you're going with a supercharger.
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