club sport vs touring

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club sport vs touring

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brian thanks for helping me out yesterday per my login etc just got the settlement notice on my NB total, state farm was very fair. now I'm looking at a club sport 2013 or 2014 since it seems to have more of what I want and less of what I don't care about (like leather). any negatives with club sport vs touring? I do plan on auto crossing, and staying in c/street while under warranty. this will be a dd in nice weather I'll drive my truck in bad, so I don't mind a firmer ride. What are your feelings about PRHT vs soft top as I have both options. Love to hear feedback from owners out there, and excited to be getting my new "baby" david m in nashville
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Re: club sport vs touring

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My wife loved her PRHT but the extra pounds put it at disadvantage if autocross are in the plans. So, depending on how serious you are about the autocross plans that would make the decision for me and the soft top Club would be the natural choice for that plan.
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