Blowing a '97

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Blowing a '97

Postby JJDGraz » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:57 pm

Hello Brian, Andi and All you other "Hairdressers",

I have been thoroughly enjoying my 97 since I bought it in 2011. I appreciate all that Rocky offers in maintenance and service. At some point (when some bills get paid) I would like to increase the horse power. I have been leaning toward a supercharger. That I would have Rockey install. i wanted to buy everything I needed from GWR. But I do not see a CARB legal option available on your site any longer.

Now I have to do more research. Are there any other suggestions that anyone could offer? I would like in excess of 200HP but I don't really want to have more than 10/11 lbs of boost. I want it to be just as reliable as it is now. Potentially enabling e85 fuel options. I saw one rig on the Interwebs where a guy had a knob mounted in his center console that adjusted the fuel air mixture. So he could run anything from 91 OCT and up including E85. I suspect this would not qualify as CARB legal. So that would make that option less than acceptable.

Anyone got any used components available? Are they recommended by the collective intelligence? I believe Rockey can install anything and make it reliable.

Expiring minds need to know.
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Re: Blowing a '97

Postby Brian » Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:21 pm

Hmm, talk with Tom as FFS at 480-993-5105.

My recollection is that he has CARB supercharger for 90-93, but I can't recall where he is with getting CARB for his MP62 kit on 94-05.
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