Ohlins Swift springs rates and length.

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Ohlins Swift springs rates and length.

Post by Castro »

What is the consensus on swift spring length for ohlins? Plan to install 9kg springs front 7kg springs rear on a PRHT NC.

After searching thru numerous treads there seem to be some disagreement on spring lengths. Some people claim 7" front/6" rear others 8"front/7"rear even found 7"/7"

I want to be able to maintain my current ride height of 12.5"F/12.75"R. I will be using the delrin adapters so I figure this would need a shorter spring than the 40N 200mm one.
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Re: Ohlins Swift springs rates and length.

Post by Brian »

Our NC Ohlins race kits ship with 7inch front/6inch rear. Notice rear bigger diameter too.

Or in particular.... SWIFT FRONT Z65-178-120, Rear Z70-152-070.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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