Performance Friction brake pads

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Performance Friction brake pads

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:06 pm

Performance Friction brake pads and rotors are now available through Good-Win Racing.

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PFC products need little introduction. This is true motorsport grade stuff, used widely in many high-profile series, and Porsche's pad of choice for their 991 Cup Car.

I've been running the 01/11 compounds in my own time attack car for the past season and have nothing but praise for them. These pads are the smoothest modulating and most consistent high-torque race pad I've used.

The 97 compound is widely popular in the top levels of Spec Miata. About 10% lower torque than the 01 & 11 compounds and even longer lifespan. We recommend this compound for track cars with 150whp or less.

We just received another shipment of pads, currently IN STOCK:

PFC 01 - Wilwood 4 piston caliper (Dynalite 4, Dynapro 4)
PFC 11 - 1.8 Front caliper
PFC 11 - 1.8 Rear caliper
PFC 97 - 1.8 Front caliper
PFC 97 - 1.8 Rear caliper

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