Seeking ND handling comfort advice

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Seeking ND handling comfort advice

Post by KirvenS413 »

I have a ND club and am looking to improve the handling a little bit. I don't plan on track/autox, but I do like to be able to have some fun on on/off ramps and some country roads I've found. Initially, my plan was just to go w/ the progress sways but I can't help but think about the progress springs too. My biggest concern is that right now, my wife is very comfortable in the car when we do our back-road trips. She has a sensitive back and we do seem to come across alot of railroad tracks and other bumpy sections.

I remember reading that for the NC's, the progress springs didn't make the car uncomfortable but just helped with control. Is that more or less what I'd see with the ND springs too?

Basically, I'm trying to get just a little bit better handling (definitely want to get rid of some of the body roll) but without making the car so stiff that my wife can't ride in it.
Ryan @ GWR
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Re: Seeking ND handling comfort advice

Post by Ryan @ GWR »

If you're not intending to do any autocross as you say, I'd recommend doing both front and rear sway bar combo as a set. That will do a great job of managing that body roll you've noticed without causing a stiffer ride. Much better handling balance when you change both front and rear, we reserve recommendations of doing the front sway bar alone for only those who are actually competing in stock class autocross because those guys are restricted to only being able to change one sway bar.
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Re: Seeking ND handling comfort advice

Post by beardedstealth »

I am in the exact same position as you. My ND is my daily driver that needs to remain reasonable for my commute, but I really wanted to reduce body roll and give the car that little extra sporty edge for when I am pushing it up the canyon roads. I installed both the front an rear progress sway bars and am extremely happy. The car turns significantly flatter and corner speed is noticeably higher. Additionally, there is no impact on ride quality.

I haven't done anything with shocks, so I can't help you there. Although I was interested in the lower springs as well and look forward to anyone commenting on if/how they impact ride quality.
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